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PROP 2 of 2022


The voters of Michigan overwhelmingly passed Prop 2 in November 2022. Its passage enhances the security of our elections and protects the right of every eligible Michigander to vote. The provisions of Prop 2 have been added to Michigan’s Constitution and are now in effect. Those provisions include:

Early Voting

All Michigan voters now have the right to vote early in every statewide and federal election. In those elections, early voting must be offered for at least nine consecutive days, beginning on the second Saturday before the election and ending on the Sunday before the election, for at least eight hours a day. The first election at which early voting will be constitutionally required will be the 2024 presidential primary election. 


Proposal 2 gives communities the flexibility to offer early voting in additional elections and for additional days and hours beyond what the constitution requires. It also allows communities to work together to provide early voting to eligible voters.

Permanent Mail Voter List

Michigan voters now have the right to sign up to become a permanent mail voter, that is, to submit one signed application that will enable them to receive an absentee ballot before all future elections. 


Absentee Voting Improvements


Proposition 2 places new requirements on the state to make absentee voting more accessible for all eligible voters. For example, the state must:

  • Provide funding for prepaid return postage on absentee ballot applications and ballots.

  • Enhance the tracking system for absentee applications and ballots to permit voters to track, and to receive electronic notifications about, the status of their applications and ballots.

  • Inform voters via the enhanced tracking system of any deficiency in their ballots or applications and how they can address such issues. Voters must also be afforded an equitable opportunity to correct any signature-related issues with their ballot or ballot application.

  • Provide funding for at least one secure ballot drop-box for every jurisdiction and one drop-box for every 15,000 registered voters in larger jurisdictions. Drop-boxes must be available 24/7 for the forty days prior to an election up to 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Voter Identification

Prop 2 enshrined Michigan’s existing Voter ID law into the Constitution. As has been the case for decades, every voter appearing in person to cast a ballot is asked to present an approved photo ID. Registered voters who do not have photo ID or do not have photo ID with them can sign an affidavit of identity and vote a regular ballot.


Prop 2 also expands the types of photo IDs that can be used for voting purposes to include those issued by additional educational institutions and by local governments.

Military and Overseas Ballots

The absentee ballots of military voters and voters living overseas are considered timely if they are postmarked by Election Day and received by the clerk’s office within six days of the election. 


Election Integrity


Election audits must be securely conducted under the Secretary of State’s supervision by individuals not affiliated with a political party. Audits must be conducted publicly and funding must be disclosed.

The results of an election shall be determined solely by the ballots cast and certified by the Board of Canvassers. Neither the Board of Canvassers nor the legislature can override the will of the voters.


Charitable Contributions


Local governments may continue to accept publicly-disclosed charitable contributions for the administration of elections.


Fundamental Right to Vote

No person or legal entity can act to interfere with or unreasonably burden the fundamental right to vote, either by act of law or by harassment or intimidation. Any Michigan citizen can bring suit to enforce this right.

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