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Election & Post-Election Important Dates

November 6-7:

Some cities and townships pre-process but do not tabulate absentee ballots

November 8 - Tabulation Complete:

Cities and townships tabulate absentee ballots; tabulation continues until all valid absentee ballots have been counted

November 8:

Election Day!


November 9-10:

83 Boards of County Canvassers meet to begin canvassing election results

By November 22:

Boards of County Canvassers must complete the canvass and certify the election results in their county

By November 23:

County clerks must forward the canvass results to the Secretary of State

November 28:

Board of State Canvassers meets to begin canvassing state election results

By December 18:

Board of State Canvassers must complete the canvass and certify state election results

Within 48 Hours of Board of State Canvassers' Certification:

Deadline to file recount petitions with the Board of State Canvassers


Recounts, if any, held

January 1, 2023:

Elected candidates take office

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