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EARLY VOTING in Michigan


Michigan voters can now vote early before each statewide and federal election. Learn more below! 



What is early voting?

Early voting is the opportunity to cast a ballot in person before Election Day. For voters, the early voting experience will be similar to the experience of voting at a polling place on Election Day and will include the act of inserting the voter’s completed ballot into a tabulator.

Where will early voting take place?

Early voting will take place at “early voting sites.” An early voting site will operate similarly to an Election Day polling location but can be set up to serve voters from more than one city or township. Early voting sites can also serve more voters than an Election Day polling location can serve. 


When will early voting take place?

Michigan’s constitution requires cities and townships to offer early voting in each statewide and federal election for at least nine consecutive days, beginning on the second Saturday before the election and ending on the Sunday before the election, for at least eight hours each day. The first election in which early voting is constitutionally required will be the 2024 Presidential Primary election, but some communities piloted early voting in 2023.

Can communities offer early voting even when it’s not required?

Yes. Cities and townships have the flexibility to offer early voting in additional elections and to add additional days and hours beyond what the constitution requires.

Can communities work together to offer early voting? 

Yes. Communities within a county can work together or with the county to offer early voting to voters. Local election officials in each county are strongly encouraged to begin discussing plans for early voting in their community as soon as possible.

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